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DVI-D Dual Link SPC male-male 6ft. (1.82m.)

DVI-D Dual Link SPC male-male 6ft. (1.82m.)

DVI-D Dual Link "High-end" High Definition cable

No more trying and error with low quality DVI cable which will give you "Flicker" picture or even "None" picture at all. AVBestBuy offer you High-end quality DVI-D cable with low price to you today.

"High-end" DVI-D Single Link cable from AVBestBuy is a Best quality DVI-D cable with unexpected low price, manufacture from big factory which many "branded" cable order OEM cable from. The cable is made from SPC (Silver palted copper) , the connector is Gold-plated which will give best quality picture, Enough bandwidth to show High-definition picture. Best for your home-theater system which use Plasma, LCD, DLP TV or projection or projector which need "no-down grade" in picture quality, Even use it in the long length.

Due to the decision of the Digital Display Working Group (designers of the DVI standard) to employ twisted-pair cable rather than coaxial cable to carry high-bitrate digital video without error correction resulted in severe problems with signal degradation over distance. At a distance of only a few feet, any competently made DVI-D cable will do fine; but at long lengths, and high resolutions (the bitrate in DVI-D is tied to resolution) cable quality becomes a factor of critical importance; a poor cable will cause bit errors leading to "sparkles" on the display or even complete loss of signal.

"High-end" DVI-D cable from AVBestBuy can handle the 1080i or 720p resolution without any problem , even you need a 50ft. cable in length.

Single Link or Dual Link?
We carry DVI-D cables both in single-link and dual-link configurations. The difference between the two is that the dual-link contains additional twisted pairs, and if both your source equipment and your display are set up to handle dual-link, the use of these additional pairs will lower the bitrate, increasing the effective bandwidth of the interface. However, as matters stand today, there are very few devices on the market which actually use the dual-link interface. Dual link won't hurt anything, but in most cases, it won't help either.
So if your source and display device doesn't handel dual-link, it will not make any different in picture quality when compare to DVI-D single Link cable.

Remarks - For the most part, we have had great results even with the 50 foot cable. Many users are using these cables even at resolutions of up to 1920x1080i@60Hz or 1600x1200p @60Hz with no problems. Many users have had great results with mayny player at High definition output resolutions as well as DVI equipped DVD players with normal DVD resolutions. Radeon Video cards generally have much better results with long cables than others. Not everything will work though.

However, do not worry, we offer you "15 days money back" guarantee. If you do not satisfied with the quality of our cable, you can send the cable back to us and we will give you a full refund. ( minus 3.5% in case you paid by credit card.)

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