Tremolo Pointed

Tremolo Pointed
1.0mm –
1 3/8″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

After much research and product testing, we have come up with what we feel is the best Mandolin Pick on the market today! The new V-Pick Tremolo. I’m very proud of this pick and I’m confident you will LOVE it on your mandolin! I’ve checked out most of the popular mandolin picks available today, and I must say, this pick will go toe-to-toe with any of them! I’ve experimented with many different thicknesses, sizes and shapes, and sent quite a few out to some great mandolin players for product testing as well. Most players preferred the V-Pick Tremolo over what they were currently using. These findings are what I’ve based our new design on. The result is a cast acrylic pick that is 1.0mm thick with just a tiny bit of flex. They are available in rounded or pointed. Fast action, full tone, louder volume, very little pick noise and the wonderful V-Pick “grippage” we’re so fond of. They are all laser cut and etched, then hand ground, beveled and buffed on a grinder by human hands. We recently got back from Nashville, and a lot of “Old Timers” tried these out for us. At one point, on Friday evening, every player on the Grand Old Opry stage was playing a V-Pick! That was a kick! They all reported back very favorably. It was said to us many times that our material was preferred over tortoise shell for both sound and playability. Their words, not mine!

Here are a couple of testimonials from some new customers…………

Hi, I received my V-picks today. I am VERY pleased. I am a mandolin and dulcimer builder, and play the mandolin as my primary instrument, and I enjoy playing tunes that are classical Italian, Celtic, and church hymns. I like to use a LOT of tremolo. The reason I am so pleased is that I don’t practice as much as I should, (always in the shop), and I was sometimes not as smooth as it should be, BUT, the V-pick has improved my tremolo so much that I am tickled to death with your pick. The improved “feel” and lighter grip made a significant improvement in my tremolo. I am very hard on myself because folks listen hard to a new or repaired mandolin that I demonstrate when they pick up an instrument from me. Believe me, I have tried DOZENS of different picks. Thanks, I’ll be getting more. Peace, Richard (Firefly Ridge Music)

Hi, just a quick reply to let you know my picks arrived safe and sound. I heard of V-picks just through my search engine while trying to find a reputable set. Still trying to decide which one I like the best but very impressed with the quality, the way they glide over the strings and most of all very pleased they make my bad mandolin playing sound a hell of a lot better. The most notable change being the instant improvement in playing tremolo. Many thanks again for the quick and excellent service, will certainly buy again from you and will recommend your products. Kev McElvanney.

Vinni, I received the picks six days ago (5th February) and have been playing with them ever since. I agree that they make tremolo on the mandolin easier to play, but they also improve all the other notes played. Until they either wear out, get lost or borrowed, they will be the only pick I use. Let’s hope you’re still making them when I have to replace them. Thanks for the superb workmanship and friendly service. Regards, Bruce Alcorn

I just got done playing with it. I am thrilled. I have played all the high end picks (wegen, red bear, etc.) and yours really stands apart for crisp tone and the comfortable feel / grip that allows you to really relax your right hand. Thanks. “Hey Vinni,

I received the picks yesterday, and well, I didn’t try em all but I did play with the rounded and pointed Tremolo picks for a few hours last night and I gotta say WELL done. I found my new favorite pick. I had great control, better speed, and awesome tone. My old Gibson mandolin never sounded better. The tone was like ole tortoise shell. Thanks a bunch and I know I’ll be getting more picks in the future from ya…Billy”
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