Switchblade Buffed

Switchblade Buffed

Designed in association with renowned guitar instructor Todd Simpson (www.techniqueswithtodd.com) this V-Pick is a shredding monster. The perfect width and shape for Alternate Picking and high speed playing. The pick is beveled on the sides and buffed, lending it distinctive tone. In addition the pick comes to a highly focused, sharp, point at the tip reducing the amount of pick needed to strike, thus increasing the potential for speed. This pick can also come with the edges unbuffed (with a matte finish) if you like, for a slight whispery sound. -------Check out these testimonials:

---------------"This pick Shreds! Get some and break your own speed barrier." Todd-------------------.....

I'm not one to fall for "This is the only pick you'll need," or "This pick will change how you view guitar picks forever" gimmicks. Nevertheless, I purchased a Switchblade and a Shredder Lite from your site. WOW. It took a little time to get used to, but i quickly saw the difference in tone. I play a lot of metal, and that involves heavy palm muted distorted chugging. Normally, I use an overdrive in front of my distortion to give those notes a little life. With the switchblade, I didn't need to! The sharpness of the pick really brings out the character of the string. Other plastic picks just muffle a lot of the harmonics. You can count on me buying more V-Picks in the future and recommending them to others. Thanks, ----PK

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