Screamer Night Glow

Screamer Night Glow
.75mm -

Same as the regular Screamer, but this one glows for HOURS!!!

This pick is very, very popular! It's a fantastic pick that works for all styles. This pick will knock you out! The all-in-one V-Pick. Longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume. There's some fast action in this pick! The Screamer has very bright highs and a big low end as well. The mids are not as strong as the other V-Picks due to the bevel design, so this pick actually gives you a mid-range scoop! Most players will really like this pick from the start. Has that wonderful gripping effect. A lot of players never get the chance to try other V-Picks after ordering this one because they are so happy with the Screamer. And the Night Glow Screamer glows for hours at a time!

Please note: the Screamer and the Acoustic are the exact same pick model.

Now add all this to the fact that it can glow for up to 6 hours! This is one amazing pick!

Please note: It is necessary to charge up the Night Glow V-Picks to make them glow. This is easily done by exposing them to either sunlight or a light bulb (a Halogen light works best).

Check out this testimonial we just received..............

"Hey guys. I hope you are both well. I just had to contact you both to thank you personally for the recent V-Picks order I received. This order was for 2 original Screamers and 2 Nite Glo Screamers. These picks are just absolutely amazing in EVERY RESPECT!!!! I love them. I cannot even begin to think about using another pick at this time, seriously. As much as also like the other V-Picks I have tried, the Screamer is the one for me, no doubt about it. My next order (hopefully Wednesday) will be for a Colossal. I just want to see what it's like. I plan to use it for pick technique practice but who knows...maybe I will adapt it into my performance pick collection (all Screamers at the moment - lol) Thank you both for the help you have given me and the fast delivery of my picks. Take good care of each other!!!!" Bill Ballato

I have been using Screamers and Nite-Glo Screamers now for about 6 months. I haven't touched another pick since the very first day I held one.

I currently use V-Picks Screamer, exclusively. I play a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 in a praise and worship band. I had my doubts when I placed the pick in my hand at first and was an instant convert after about 3 notes! A great accessory for any guitar player. Jerry Polk Orlando, Florida

I love the V-picks, especially the Screamer one, simply amazing. I just need a little adaptation at the beginning, but now, I can't turning back to my old stuff. BTW, I like the new version of the website. It's fast, easy to walk thru, a great job, TY. regards Marc-Antoine

Hey Mrs. V, This will be my third order from you guys, I absolutely love these things! I let one of my friends borrow one for a day and he offered to buy it from me. I almost immediately noticed an improvement in my playing when I got my first ones from you, and haven't looked back since. So far, my personal favorite is the Screamer for my electric stuff, and the large pointed for acoustic. These things can't be beat! Viva la V-Pick! Thanks again, Josh

Hey Nancy, I got a chance to test your picks out against my Big Stubby 3.0 mm. The screamer is incredible! Very very fast pick! The pointed diamond plays so smooth and is also very fast.. I noticed the notes were a lot louder and I could get better tone out of the diamond then the big stubby. Even the screamer get out a louder more crisp sound than the Dunlop. I think so far my favorite so far is the pointed diamond with the screamer following close in 2nd. Next I [plan to try the pointed snake and the dimension! Thanks a lot! Jonathan
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