2.75mm -

V-Picks "Screamer" picks: super nice tone enrichment, durable, and it stays in your hand, not on the floor. This is due to our own unique blend of acrylic that sticks to your fingers when warmed up by your hand.

This guitar pick is very, very popular! It's a fantastic pick that works for all styles. This pick will knock you out! The all-in-one V-Pick. We recommend this plectrum as an intro to our line. Longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume. There's some fast action in this pick! The Screamer has very bright highs and a big low end as well. The mids are not as strong as the other V-Picks due to the bevel design, so this pick actually gives you a mid-range scoop! Most players will really like this pick from the start. Has that wonderful gripping effect. A lot of players never get the chance to try other V-Picks after ordering this one because they are so happy with the Screamer.

Please note: the Screamer and the Acoustic are the exact same pick model.

Check out these testimonials:

... about my V-Picks. Specifically the Screamer.
Vinni, I know I have told you this before. At the risk of being redundant, I must once again thank you for introducing me to V-Pick Screamers. I have the originals, Nite-Glow, and recently a couple Pearly Gates and a Ruby. These picks have changed my technique greatly.

I'm certain you and Mrs. Vinnie have heard this many times but I find it extremely strange to play with other picks now , they just feel wrong in my hands. Perhaps I am spoiled, but it's worth it to me to have found the comfort and increased tone that my Screamers offer.

Thank you also for the complimentary Switchblade that you included in my last order. It has become a mainstay with my acoustic. I dig the crispness and clarity it adds to my acoustic tone. Again, thank you for such an invaluable addition to my playing and technique. I would love to try out one of the larger picks you offer one day. I think one would be a awesome practice tool for overall picking technique.
Take Good Care,
b (bilbal)

Hi Nancy! I heard about V Picks from The Gear Page, and I saw the you tube videos and decided to give them a go. I found a shop here in Australia that had some stock and I ordered some Screamers, best thing I ever did! Instant improvement in tone, feel, quite staggering really that a pick could make my guitar sound like it has new strings ALL the time! I teach guitar too and run my own music school, and I have converted 27 students and 3 other guitar teachers to V Picks, just in the last 4 days! How cool is that? And that's just from me having a few Screamers, so I'm going to order a lot more now! Thanks for making a brilliant product.

Hello! I have had my v-pick (the screamer) for quite some time now. I still love it and use it every time I play guitar! I remember back how surprised I was when my new v-pick came so quickly in the mail. People are flabbergasted that I would pay $7 for a pick, but the quality, the tone, the feel, the speed, and the prestige far outweighs the my v-pick's price! Thank you for your business! May God Bless You!!!

I've been using V-Pick's for about the last year exclusively. Not that I haven't tried any others. In fact, I've bought a few boutique picks in the last couple of months that cost a lot more than the V-Picks, and none of them have have felt as 'right' as the V-Pick Screamer. After 25+ years of playing I can finally say I've found 'my pick.' I keep one with me everywhere I go.

"Hey guys. I hope you are both well. I just had to contact you both to thank you personally for the recent V-Picks order I received. This order was for 2 original Screamers and 2 Nite Glo Screamers. These picks are just absolutely amazing in EVERY RESPECT!!!! I love them. I cannot even begin to think about using another pick at this time, seriously. As much as I also like the other V-Picks I have tried, the Screamer is the one for me, no doubt about it. My next order (hopefully Wednesday) will be for a Colossal. I just want to see what it's like. I plan to use it for pick technique practice but who knows...maybe I will adapt it into my performance pick collection (all Screamers at the moment - lol) Thank you both for the help you have given me and the fast delivery of my picks. Take good care of each other!!!!"
Bill Ballato

I received my order of V-Picks yesterday...again I am totally blasted by the tonal possibilities made by these picks, the large Round has such a deep soulful tone...its the Embodiment of the Blues...The Screamer, well, it pretty much describes itself!...and the large Pointed?...by turning this pick in different angles you can produce some of the BEST harmonics ever heard...AND ALL ON THE SAME GUITAR, WITH THE SAME AMP SETTINGS!!!! FREAKIN' AMAZING!...I gotta tell ya'll, I was very skeptical about the claims made on these picks..Until I tried them...THEY'RE ALL TRUE...Mr. & Mrs. Vinni....You have cured me of the "Can't find the right pick" syndrome. Thank You!! ALL HAIL VINNI AND HIS V-PICK!!! Thanks again for the very prompt shipping and quality product you produce!!
Chuck Kincaid

I have been using Screamers and Nite-Glo Screamers now for about 6 months. I haven't touched another pick since the very first day I held one.

I currently use V-Picks Screamer, exclusively. I play a Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 in a praise and worship band. I had my doubts when I placed the pick in my hand at first and was an instant convert after about 3 notes! A great accessory for any guitar player.
Jerry Polk
Orlando, Florida

I love the V-picks, especially the Screamer one, simply amazing. I just need a little adaptation at the beginning, but now, I can't turning back to my old stuff. BTW, I like the new version of the website. It's fast, easy to walk thru, a great job, TY.

Just received my latest batch of v-picks. I had ordered the slim versions and your sales folks threw in a screamer free gratis. Well, as it transpires I wasn't that gone on the slim ones as (although I have yet to bring them out to a gig to know for sure. They seem to sound a bit thin, as name inadvertently suggests. However I tried the screamer, not one I was drawn to from the site, and man, bingo! A beautiful pick! just perfect! I am over the moon! It is fat enough to get the fat sound yet seems to have a more elongated bevel making it pointier so one can get the edge to the sound also, hardly any clunk at all. Not at all muddy, in fact, I notice its timbre to be an almost perfect replica of my up plucking nails, as in country twang. It also slides over the strings like butter. I realize now what a difficult job you guys have trying to match players to the picks! I suspect that all us guitar pickers know what we want but are not able describe it, at best, all we can do is say what is not right when it is in the fingers which is not much use to you! Anyway I love it. Now all I have to do is order 10 of them and be done with it. I will bring the others to the gigs just to see how they fair up also. Thanks for your generosity in casually throwing in extra picks cause without it I would never have found "the one".

I have a small collection of everything from jazz picks to bluegrass picks to you name it from 35 years of playing, bone picks, metal picks, tortoise picks, wood picks, felt picks. But all I grab for now is my Screamer. Love those picks. Unbelievably comfortable and the bevel is perfect for rock/fast lead work. I don't remember even switching to these, I just kept grabbing it to play, and now other picks feel weak. Great angle on those tips, just glides over the strings. It gives me the tone I am after too.

Hey Mrs. V,
This will be my third order from you guys, I absolutely love these things! I let one of my friends borrow one for a day and he offered to buy it from me. I almost immediately noticed an improvement in my playing when I got my first ones from you, and haven't looked back since. So far, my personal favorite is the Screamer for my electric stuff, and the large pointed for acoustic. These things can't be beat! Viva la V-Pick!
Thanks again,

After using mostly Tortex picks for the last 20 years, my pick was one of the last thing I considered regarding my tone. Now that I


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