Canare CC-2 component cable V3-5CFB
[canare CC-2]

Canare CC-2 component cable V3-5CFB

Canare CC-2 V3-5CFB component video cable is designed for Super Hi-Resolution singal for DVD player and TV, projection and Projector today. With Bandwidth higher than 400 Mhz , Attenuation 2.2 db/100m (10Mhz), so Canare CC-2 has minimum signal degradation. Picture is sharper, cleaner and better than other cables, espeacially when you need a long run of component cable.

Canare CC-2 use high grade 75 Ohm coaxial cable from Canare , with minimum delay error between channal (less than 2.2 nanosecond). This will help solve the Phase error between channel. Inner jacket for individual units are color-coded for easy signal line identification.

Parts of Canare CC-2
1. Canare V3-5CFB component cable
2. RCAP- C5F true 75 ohm RCA connector
3. wraping with Black TechFlex for protection and beautification.
4. Custome printed Heatshrink , speacially made for AVBestBuy only.

Q. Will Canare CC-2 (V3-5CFB) give better picture than Canare CC-1 ?
A. It will depend on 2 things.
1. What is the length you intend to use?
2. You system.

If you need longer run of Component cable or use it with Hi-def system or Progressive signal , Canare CC-2 is the way to go. It will clearly give better picture than Canare CC-1

If your system is small size TV with interlace signal, in this case Canare CC-1 is good enough for you.

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