Large Round Chick Pick

Large Round Chick Pick
2.75mm -

1 3/16" tip to tip -
Symmetrical -


Huge tone, creamy highs, and a fat bottom end. Strong mid range boost. Very fast action. Also a great mandolin pick. So easy to hold on to. It feels like its actually gripping you! This pick will relax your hand while you're playing because you don't have to grip it as hard and firm as a regular guitar pick. Remember, if you're thinking about your guitar pick while you're playing, then you are using the wrong pick! You should be spending that energy creating art, not being concerned with your equipment.

Check out what these happy customers have to say:

Hi Vinni,
My Fab Four pack arrived last week and I have been plucking madly away ever since! First thing I noticed was the cramp that I usually get between thumb and first finger has GONE! These are such smooth picks they glide from string to string so effortlessly, it took a while for my brain to home in on the increase in speed and decrease in friction. The thing I love about them is that if you want the pick to bite, it can. Loads more expression too and I no longer feel that I'm holding onto something. Currently I sway between the medium and the second largest one.
Thanks so much

I received my order of V-Picks yesterday...again I am totally blasted by the tonal possibilities made by these picks, the large Round has such a deep soulful tone...its the Embodiment of the Blues...The Screamer, well, it pretty much describes itself!...and the large Pointed?...by turning this pick in different angles you can produce some of the BEST harmonics ever heard...AND ALL ON THE SAME GUITAR, WITH THE SAME AMP SETTINGS!!!! FREAKIN' AMAZING!...I gotta tell ya'll, I was very skeptical about the claims made on these picks..Until I tried them...THEY'RE ALL TRUE...Mr. & Mrs. Vinni....You have cured me of the "Can't find the right pick" syndrome. Thank You!!
Thanks again for the very prompt shipping and quality product you produce!!
Chuck Kincaid

Thanks Vinni and Nancy. Got my picks today, and man, you taught an old dog a new twist on picks! Love all three I got, and all have their own trademark tone which is really cool. Early fav is the Screamer followed by the Large Rounded. Great product. Best of luck with the bizzz..
Very Cool...
Thanks Pete

I bought some V-Picks sometime last summer and have used nothing else since. They feel great and the tone is outstanding. Three or four months ago I decided I liked the rounded ones better than pointed so I'm just getting a few more in case I lose my favorite Large Rounded.
All the best,
- Kevin

I just wanted to send a big thank you for your great service and the fabulous V-Picks. I placed my order via your website on March 25th. You shipped them right away, and they were in my mailbox on the 27th! Thank you!
I had tried the large rounded V-Picks about a year ago and loved the feel. It took some time for me to adjust to the sound and adjust my technique to get the best tone. I continued to play with a couple different picks including the Golden Gate celluloid mandolin picks and the D'Andrea Pro-Plec 1.5mm rounded triangle picks. I kept going back and forth between these two because I was never completely satisfied with the feel or tone. I really wanted a shape that was more round than the Pro-Plec and less round and larger than the Golden Gate. Well eventually I pulled out the V-pick again and it was exactly what I needed. And after reading some of Vinni's tips I was able to get the tone I wanted without the squeak or pick noise I didn't like previously. So I decided to re-order. I saw on you site that you now had the lite V-Picks which were the thickness I have been used to with my other picks, so I decided to give them a try as well. The verdict is that the Large Lite Rounded feels very comfortable and works great for acoustic or electric guitars. I played with these last night at a blues gig with excellent results.
Thanks again for a great product,
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