Large Pointed

Large Pointed
2.75mm -

This is a fantastic guitar pick and a fabulous bass guitar pick as well! Gets that Yes, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, Deep Purple type Bass sound. Great for lead and rhythm playing. A very strong sounding pick. The larger size allows for a bigger bevel and a lot of surface gripping area. This is a pick that will allow you to play very light handed and yet, still sound huge! Galo Rivera plays this pick and we are very proud of that fact. You'll experience very fast action due to the bevel. Grips your hand nicely. Gigantic tone! That is what this pick is all about, tone. 2.75mm thick and 1 1/4" from point to point. Also available in Night Glow and Ruby Red. A popular pick with mandolin players as well. If you haven't yet tried V-Picks, once you do, you'll find you were leaving a lot of tone inside your instrument. You owe it to yourself to find out just how good that instrument can sound with the right equipment!

I am also very proud to day that Stu Hamm plays the Large Pointed V-Pick on his bass guitar!

Please read what these customers think about this pick........

"Thank you Thank you! I received my first order of V-picks yesterday (Saturday) in time for my gig Saturday evening. I have used a .65 tortex pick for years and have become quite used to that thickness and feel. I have never liked thicker picks. However, I used a new V-Pick (Large pointed) for the entire gig and love it! My sound was much improved and my bass playing was smooth and easy. There was an improved grittiness to the attack on each note. And an unexpected benefit: I have rather severe Carpal Tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and invariably during the course of a gig I will experience bouts of pain and numbness in my right hand from gripping the pick and making repetitive movements. However, last night I got thru the entire gig without discomfort - It was wonderful! I would have never thought that a bass pick could make such a difference. Thank you for a wonderful product. I can't wait to receive and try out the sampler pack we discussed the other day. V-picks rule!" Alex MacDonald

Without a doubt, next to possibly my Koll guitar, the item most deserving of hype on this forum. But not "empty hype". Incredible picks. I've also tried several other boutique picks for fun. Although they're cool in there own right, there's only one pick I use for any length of time. The V-Pick Large Pointed 2.75mm. The best balance of rhythm ability and speed/accurate picking. After playing these, playing a normal pick I feel like I have no control over the guitar. With the V-Pick I'm in complete control of the strings. And yes, the do sound better. Equally fatter and brighter. One of the best choices I've made in a long time. And BTW, I'm not in the honey moon phase. I've been using them for over a year and a half.

Hey at V-Picks! These are awesome! I am really impressed that they are everything you say they are and then some! I have TONS of picks from trying out to get the best one. They are all in a bucket now and my v-picks stand alone on my amps! I am ordering 2 more, the bigger ones. That is more what I am used to, but the mediums work perfectly also! I like the pointy ones the best! Thanks for a great product! Jeff Pecoraro

Large Pointed Lite
Large Pointed Lite
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