PC-1 Power Cable

PC-1  Power Cable

One of the most bang for the buck Power Cable in A/V market today.

Use Belden 19364 , 3 x 14 GA (2.08 sq. m.m.) with drain wire . Shielded by Aluminum-foild to protect the cable from noise.
Max. operating voltage - 300 V.
Max. recommended current - 18 A.

We choose Hubbell 5965VBLK , spec grade, and Schurter 4781.0100 IEC plug as a standart male plug. The PC-1 has TechFlex and Heatshrink to protect the cable and make it easier to clean.

Result :- Your system will be improved in sound and picture quality.
A true BestBuy Power Cable which hard to resist.

You can choose many brand and model of Male plug and IEC plug to suit your need for AC cable.
SG=Spec Grade HG=Hospital Grade
Male Plug
IEC Plug
Solda , audio asylum
I replaced the stock 18/3 power cords on my two AMC 2N100.5 amps with the recommended Belden 19364 and Marinco iecs and hospital plugs. THANK YOU R.CRUMP!! The difference, especially in respect to the the extension and the solidity of the bass, was pretty unreal. I can also drive the amps way harder w/o the compression that was previously apparent. Good stuff all the way around
oddmanout - audio asylum
The immediate improvements in sound were an improvement in transient attack with better detail. They were also bright and over-sibilant, with thin but better defined bass. As the cable broke in the bass filled in nicely and the sibilance went away, while retianing all the extra detail noticed at the start. Also, the immaging, which had been slightely compressed, filled out agian with a more precice location of instruments than there had been with the generic cord.
If you choose Hubbell H320C for your IEC plug, please make sure that the IEC inlet on your equipment has an 20A IEC inlet too(check the direction of its blade), or else you will not be able to connect the power cable to your equipment.

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Male Plug:

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